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Practical mysticism and a casual day

Lunch yesterday from Chang Jiang. I got busy and forgot to share my fortune with all 'yall. It was staring at me when I came to work this morning:

Watch out for that truck!
Learn Chinese: Grape - Pu-tao

I'm sorry, that's obviously not a real fortune. It actually said "You have the ability to sense and know a higher truth. Lucky Numbers 1, 2, 3, 34, 35, 36." I do wish that fortune cookies had more accurate and practical suggestions for me though. "Don't speed on Highway 30 next Monday." "Tell Jeremy to eat one." "Always... never forget to check your references." "Don't post to your livejournal at work." These would be helpful. "Higher truth." Pfft.

Uh, anyway, today has been relatively hectic. Got plenty done though. The United Way Committee had scheduled a casual jeans day for tomorrow, and moment after the e-mail came out I was accosted by a manager who informed me that clients will be touring the building tomorrow. No casual day because we hafta look professional. Incidentally, I just typed the "word" "hafta" without thinking about it. That's pretty sad. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Client visit. No casual jeans day. Our jeans day was scheduled months before the client visit was, and while there's no question as to which one gets precedence, I'd really like to know in advance, since They obviously did. For those who care, here they are:

The original e-mail:
This one was actually the response I got when I asked one of the other committee members for ideas. I pretty much took her design and upped the font size. Not much work on my part.

The reminder e-mail:

The "sorry, somebody screwed up and didn't tell us" e-mail:

Anyway, I'm gonna finish up here at work, and then head out to Janesville to hang with Tom.
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